Tuesday, July 5, 2022
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Biden Told To Stop Lying

Frankly, people have had enough.

As you may already know President Biden’s administration, more specifically White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki, has been tasked with feeding the American people lies to cover up for Biden’s failures.

Now, it appears that Psaki once again tried to lie to the American people about the rising gas prices in America and Fox’s Peter Doocy simply wasn’t having it.

It begins with a reporter asked Biden’s Press Secretary, “One woman said, ‘I just never imagined to see the cost of gas to be this high,’ another said, ‘it’s a huge stressor to my financial situation’…what is the White House, what is the president’s message to Americans who are going to the gas station today and seeing prices so high?”

Psaki then attempted to blame high gas prices on Russian President Vladimir Putin and Fox’s Peter Doocy immediately responded by calling her out.

“It sounds like you are blaming Putin for the increase in gas prices recently, but weren’t gas prices going up anyway because of post-pandemic supply chain issues?” Doocy asked.



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