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Republican Sounds The Alarm On Biden

Our rights are being stripped from us!

During a recent interview with Fox News, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (R) sounded that alarm on President Biden and his administration and warned that they will attempt to expand their vaccine mandate to even small businesses.

Currently, President Biden’s mandate forces all businesses with 100 or more employees to all be vaccinated or undergo weekly coronavirus testing and unvaccinated employees are forced to wear a mask at work.

Now, Paxton believes that the Biden administration will even target small businesses as well.

In transcript provided by Breitbart, Paxton warned, “Where does it stop? And I don’t know that it will stop unless the courts step in and stop them. Because I think we’ll see small employers. I think we may see children. I think it may — they may limit transportation. Who knows where they’ll go. If they’re not put to a stop, I don’t know if we can have any idea what the limits of this administration’s willingness to affect people’s lives.”