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Pelosi To Be Investigated?


Here’s what happened…

Former President Donald Trump unloaded on the Jan 6 Committee once again and this time its for purposely removing any conversation surrounding voter fraud in the past election.

According to Newsmax, Trump also attacked the committee for refusing to investigate House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and her decision to reject military protection several days prior to the January 6th Capitol riot.

Donald Trump took to Truth Social and wrote, “Why didn’t the January 6th Committee of Unselects discuss the massive voter fraud in the 2020 Presidential Election, which is the thing that led to the tremendous protest. Also, no talk of Pelosi turning down military protection three days before January 6th. Why?”


Trump is expected to testify before the panel by November 14th and everyone from House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Republican Liz Cheney have been attacking him relentlessly.

Cheney also vowed to ensure she would not let Trump speak freely during the testimony because she claims he will turn it into a “circus.”

Nonetheless, Donald Trump does have a very valid point. Why was Speaker Pelosi not investigated for turning down military protection days before the riot? The Jan 6 Committee has investigated just about everything else.