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VIDEO: Creepy Joe Biden Strikes Again


Someone really needs to tell Biden to stop at this point.

President Biden’s departure from Helsinki took an unexpected turn when he engaged in a peculiar interaction with a young girl. As he bid farewell to embassy staff and their families at Helsinki-Vantaan International Airport, a video captured the moment Biden leaned towards the girl and lightly nibbled her shoulder, startling her. The frightened girl turned her head when the President attempted to give her a peck on the head.

According to Fox, The incident quickly gained attention on social media, where many criticized the President’s behavior. Caleb Hull, a conservative operative, referred to it as Biden’s creepiest moment with a child and expressed his disappointment in the President’s actions. Greg Price, a Republican operative, humorously remarked that Biden seemed to be confusing babies with ice cream cones.

Donald Trump Jr. also chimed in, suggesting that Biden should be in a nursing home instead of leading the free world. These remarks were in response to footage of the incident that circulated online.

This incident occurred towards the end of President Biden’s five-day trip to Europe, during which he participated in a Lithuanian summit to show support for Ukraine amidst its conflict with Russia and highlight Finland’s NATO membership. Throughout the trip, Biden made several speaking gaffes, including instances where he confused Russia and Ukraine, as well as their respective leaders.