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VIDEO: Biden Has Amnesia, Forgets Major World Leader


Biden is losing his mind.

During his recent visit to Lithuania, President Biden made several verbal mistakes while seeking support for Ukraine in its conflict with Russia. These errors included mixing up the two nations and their respective leaders.

According to Fox, while addressing the NATO summit in Vilnius, Lithuania on Wednesday, Biden mistakenly referred to Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy as “Vladmir,” seemingly confusing him with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Unaware of his error, Biden acknowledged his familiarity with Zelenskyy and then proceeded to address him as “Mr. Zelenskyy.”

It’s important to note that Putin and Zelenskyy have different versions of the same name, with “Volodymyr” being the commonly used version in Ukraine.

During a later speaking engagement after the summit, Biden again confused the two nations, referring to Ukraine as Russia. He quickly corrected himself, stating that Russia should end the war by withdrawing its forces from Ukraine and recognizing its international borders, while ceasing its inhumane attacks on Ukraine.

These verbal slips add to a series of similar gaffes made by Biden, leading to concerns about his cognitive abilities as the President. Criticism has also arisen regarding the possibility of an 80-year-old Biden serving a second term, as he would be 86 upon leaving the White House.