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Secret Service Caught In Bombshell Biden Cover Up


What’s going on in the White House?

In 2022, the Secret Service discovered marijuana at the White House on two occasions before cocaine was later found in the West Wing. During a classified briefing on the investigation into the cocaine discovery, the Secret Service informed members of Congress and confirmed the previous marijuana incidents to Fox News Digital.

According to Fox, although possessing less than two ounces of marijuana is not a crime in Washington, D.C., it remains prohibited on federal property, including the White House. The Secret Service spokesperson stated that “small amounts of marijuana” were found in July and September of the previous year. No arrests were made because the quantity seized did not meet the legal threshold for federal or D.C. misdemeanor charges, thanks to the District of Columbia’s decriminalization of possession. The confiscated marijuana was collected and destroyed by the officers.


The Secret Service spokesperson emphasized that in both instances, less than 0.2 ounces of marijuana were found, taking into account D.C.’s marijuana decriminalization policy. However, the Secret Service did not provide immediate responses to follow-up questions from Fox News Digital, such as whether U.S. law prohibits illicit substances on federal property.

Representative Lauren Boebert, a Republican from Colorado, expressed her belief that the area where cocaine was discovered during the Fourth of July weekend should have been under video surveillance, particularly considering the previous marijuana incidents on the White House property under President Biden’s administration. Boebert mentioned the need for security measures to be implemented beforehand to safeguard the White House and questioned the type of individuals being brought into the administration.

Boebert also disclosed that during the briefing, she had raised concerns about the security measures for the lockers where the cocaine was found. According to her, the Secret Service admitted that the key to the specific locker was missing. She further explained that over 500 people had accessed the West Wing foyer during that weekend, including tourists, citizens, and staffers, but none of them were considered suspects. Boebert criticized the decision to not further investigate those individuals and expressed her view that the focus should shift from this investigation to addressing what she referred to as the “next Biden crime crisis.”