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White House Drug Smuggler Identified


This is absolutely insane!

The Secret Service has concluded its investigation into the discovery of cocaine at the White House earlier this month. Due to a lack of physical evidence, they were unable to identify a person of interest. In a statement, the Secret Service explained that the cocaine was found on July 2nd inside a receptacle used for temporarily storing electronic and personal devices before entering the West Wing.

According to Fox, the investigation focused on determining how the cocaine entered the White House and involved a thorough review of security systems and protocols. A backward examination covering several days before the substance was found identified several hundred individuals who may have accessed the area where it was discovered. The Secret Service created a pool of known individuals for forensic comparison based on the FBI’s analysis of the substance’s packaging.

However, the FBI’s lab results, received on Wednesday, did not yield latent fingerprints, and there was insufficient DNA for investigative comparisons. The Secret Service confirmed that the substance was indeed cocaine. Additionally, no surveillance video footage was found to provide leads in identifying the person responsible for depositing the substance.

Without physical evidence, the investigation cannot single out a person of interest from the numerous individuals who passed through the area where the cocaine was found. Consequently, the Secret Service closed the investigation due to the lack of tangible proof. Members of Congress were briefed on this development.


A source familiar with the matter had informed news sources earlier that Secret Service officials intended to end the investigation without identifying the owner of the cocaine. Rep. Tim Burchett, who was briefed on the case, confirmed to reporters that the investigation would be closed without naming a suspect. The Secret Service also disclosed that less than 1 gram of cocaine was discovered.

Rep. Nancy Mace of South Carolina expressed her frustration, stating that whenever something concerning happens around the White House or the president’s family, satisfactory answers are rarely provided. However, she did not speculate on the ownership of the cocaine. Mace also mentioned that she did not believe White House staffers had undergone drug testing by the Secret Service.

Regarding the House Oversight Committee’s involvement in the Secret Service investigation, Mace did not provide confirmation. Conflicting reports initially emerged about the location of the cocaine. While it was initially claimed to be in the White House library, Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre later clarified that it was found in a heavily trafficked area of the West Wing. Subsequently, it was reported that the cocaine had been discovered near the more secure West Executive entrance.

The incident occurred while President Biden and his family were away at Camp David, and some of Biden’s Republican critics have accused the administration of showing little interest in identifying the responsible party.

It’s funny how one of the most secure and heavily monitored locations on the face of the earth cannot identify who dropped a small bag of coke in it, isn’t it? Something smells very fishy about what the secret service is saying.