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Biden’s DOJ Steals Trump’s Secret Data


Here’s what you need to know…

Special counsel Jack Smith anticipates utilizing information extracted from the White House phone formerly used by ex-President Donald Trump in the federal case related to the 2020 election interference. The disclosure of Smith’s strategy emerged through a court filing on Monday, where the individual responsible for retrieving the data was identified as “Expert 3,” according to Axios.

In the legal documents, Smith outlined that “Expert 3” possesses advanced knowledge, skills, experience, training, and education in the analysis of cellular phone data, particularly concerning the use of Twitter and other applications on mobile devices. The government envisions Expert 3 testifying to extracting and processing data from the White House cell phones associated with the defendant (Trump) and another individual (Individual 1). The expert is expected to detail the review and analysis of data from both phones, including the examination of images and visited websites. Furthermore, Expert 3 will shed light on the phone usage during the post-election period, notably around January 6, 2021, pinpointing specific times when the defendant’s phone was unlocked with the Twitter application open.


Trump, indicted in August for alleged attempts to overturn the 2020 election results, has pleaded not guilty to all charges. As Axios reached out for comment, Trump’s representatives did not respond promptly.

Simultaneously, the Trump campaign criticized Smith’s attempt to bypass the appeals process, characterizing it as a “Hail Mary.” They labeled the special counsel as “deranged” for hastily seeking the Supreme Court’s intervention regarding the question of whether the former president is immune from prosecution. Smith urged the Supreme Court to expedite the proceedings if Trump’s claim of immunity is rejected. The court agreed to consider Smith’s petition, instructing Trump’s team to submit a response by December 20.