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Kamala’s Days As Vice President Numbered


Republicans warned everybody, sadly Democrats didn’t listen.

In an ironic turn of events, Democrats are slowly beginning to turn on Vice President Kamala Harris with the latest Democrat New York City Mayor Eric Adams attacking the vice president over the migrant crisis which has overrun his city.

According to Newsmax, In March 2021, President Biden tasked Vice President Harris with overseeing the United States’ efforts to manage the surge of migrants at the southern border.

On Tuesday, Mayor Adams was asked about his expectations from the Biden administration to support the city in addressing its migrant problem.

“There needs to be an individual who is dedicated to do the decompression strategy for the federal government. Someone should be at these entry points: El Paso, Brownsville, Texas, and others, too, to organize a real decompression strategy across the entire country,” Adams stated.


“One person should, we should be looking at — it is often stated that as the role of the VP has too much in her portfolio to be focused on just doing that decompression strategy. If not, the decompression strategy can’t be New York City,” Adam added.

A knowledgeable source on Adams’ interactions with the White House revealed that the mayor was annoyed with Harris.

“It’s been frustrating to not have a point person on topic that’s senior enough to make adjustments in response to the crisis on the ground. The main contact has been [the Department of] Homeland Security,” the unnamed source admitted.

To keep things very simple, Kamala Harris is refusing to do her job. What’s worse is that Kamala’s refusal to do her job is now causing Democrats to grow sick of her. It’s starting to look like President Biden will replace Kamala in 2024.