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Pelosi Stands By Her Promise


This is extremely unprofessional.

In a brazen show of disrespect, Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has just doubled down and claimed that she does not regret saying that she would “punch out” former President Donald Trump during the Capitol riot.

According to MSNBC, after she was asked again about her threatening comment against Trump, Pelosi said, “That’s right. I would have punched him out. I said I would have punched him out. I would have gone to jail. And I would have been happy to do so.”


Then MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell asked Pelosi if she would have really punched Trump if he came to the Capitol she said, “He wouldn’t have had the courage to come to the Hill. He is all talk.”

Pelosi was later asked if Trump should be criminally charged and she responded, “That’s going to be up to the committee. Again, I keep my distance.”

Watch Pelosi’s original threat to Trump: