Sunday, July 3, 2022
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Pelosi Caught Insider Trading

Pelosi is a complete hypocrite.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has built a political career calling out big companies for their corporate greed.

Now, the NY Post is alleging that Speaker Pelosi has raked in an astounding sum of $30 million personally from insider stock trades through the very large tech companies she oversees in Congress!

What’s worse is Pelosi is even going as far as blocking bipartisan efforts to stop members of Congress from being able to trade stocks.

Essentially Pelosi is making millions of dollars and preventing anyone from stopping her.

Currently, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s estimated net worth stands anywhere from $40 million to $252 million and her family has recently invested several more millions into call options on companies such as Google, Salesforce, Micron Technology¬†and Roblox.

Simply put, call options are bets that the stock price will go up on these companies.

Pelosi has pushed back against any attempt from other to stop her and her family from trading stocks and simple states that America is a “free-market” and there is no conflict of interest going on.


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