Sunday, July 3, 2022
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Harris Falls On Her Face

Here’s what happened…

From the day Vice President Kamala Harris came into office, it has been excuse after excuse with her.

President Biden has essentially shelved her and most America doesn’t know why. She is given very little responsibility, there are reports of her turning the White House into a toxic environment, and she seems to fail at just about every task she is given.

Kamala’s excuse however happens to be simply that she isn’t given the respect she deserves and she would be getting treated better if she was 48-year-old white male like the Vice Presidents before her.

Now, it appears that successful woman, both on the conservative and liberal side, are calling BS on Kamala’s excuses and are saying that she just isn’t fit for her role and needs to work harder.

Republican Rep. Elise Stefanik, for example, isn’t buying Kamala excuses.

According to Fox, Rep. Stefanik the media’s poor criticism of Kamala is justified. Stefanik pointed to the fact that President Biden named her border czar. It took Kamala a whopping 90 days just to visit the border when she should have flown there that night if she took the role seriously. Stefanik further noted that since Kamala has taken the role on tens of thousands of illegals have crossed into America and continue to do so.

“There is nothing sexist or racist stating the fact that Kamala Harris has been an absolute disaster on every policy issue in her portfolio – especially the border crisis,” Stefanik stated.

Sen. Marsha Blackburn isn’t buying Kamala’s lies either. When talking about the “unfair” criticism of Kamala, Blackburn replied, “Conservative women trailblazers have been mocked and maligned by the liberal press for years. You learn to deal with it and not make excuses. When Vice President Kamala Harris took office, she knew she was charting a new path and would have to prove herself at every step along the way. She could have used her platform to protect the women and girls in Afghanistan, secure the southern border, or reduce crime in our cities. Instead, she tossed aside the historic opportunity she had been given to criticize the tough media environment conservative women have been successfully navigating for decades.”


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