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Trump-Hater Uses God Against MAGA


Snakes like Adam Kinzinger will stoop to any low to hurt Trump and real Americans can see right through it.

Former Representative Adam Kinzinger, a Republican hailing from Illinois, entered the digital discourse on X (formerly Twitter) to deliver a direct critique of Donald Trump. Kinzinger contended that Christians supporting Trump lack a fundamental understanding of their own religion. Known for his vocal opposition to Trump within the GOP, Kinzinger honed in on Trump’s Christmas post as the focal point of his criticism.

In a candid expression of his views, Kinzinger stated unequivocally, “Let me be clear: he isn’t Christian. If you identify as a Christian supporting him, you are misinterpreting your own faith.” In his assessment, Kinzinger characterized Trump as “weak, meager, smelly, victim-ey, belly-achey,” firmly disavowing the labels of Christian or ‘God’s man’ for the former president.


Kinzinger’s affiliation with the GOP underwent considerable strain after his participation in the select House committee investigating the January 6, 2021, Capitol attack. Opting not to pursue reelection 2 years ago, he found himself increasingly isolated within the party.

In an unconventional holiday message to Truth Social, Trump extended Christmas wishes with a fervent twist, condemning individuals he perceived as threats to the nation to “rot in Hell.” Notably, he took aim at Biden along with Jack Smith, and others, criticizing their actions and decisions.

Despite Trump’s controversial statements and actions, he maintains a substantial lead within the GOP, boasting a 52.4 percent advantage in aggregated polls for the upcoming nomination. This popularity extends to a 2 percent lead over President Biden in a pool of over 500 polls, according to Decision Desk HQ, a partner of The Hill. Trump’s continued dominance in GOP polls suggests a formidable presence in the political landscape.