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BREAKING: Biden Out Of 2024 Race


You won’t believe what Democrats are doing.

A recent report by CNN reveals that an increasing number of prominent Democrats and donors are actively reaching out to potential candidates as potential replacements for President Biden in the upcoming 2024 Democratic presidential nomination.

According to aides close to influential Democrats, the perceived lack of robust campaign activity from the Biden camp has led them to believe that the current president might not actually be running for re-election, despite his assertions to the contrary. Consequently, they are keeping their options open and exploring alternative candidates says Fox.

Meanwhile, individuals within Biden’s circle argue that these speculations underestimate the president once again. They point out that Biden emerged victorious in the 2020 Democratic primary and subsequent general election, despite skepticism from within the party.

CNN’s report titled “Slow pace of Biden’s re-election campaign feeds Democrats’ 2024 anxiety” sheds light on the doubt and uncertainty prevailing among Democrats due to the apparent lack of enthusiasm in Biden’s campaign efforts. The article depicts a scenario where top Democrats and donors engage in discreet conversations, exchanging whispers on the sidelines of events, sending texts, emails, and making furtive phone calls to potential replacement candidates.

Sources connected to these individuals suggest that President Joe Biden might not be seeking re-election, despite his public statements and campaign announcements. They interpret the limited campaign activity as a sign of his lack of commitment.

Democrats have expressed concerns about Biden’s campaign for several months. In addition to unfavorable poll numbers, with some even suggesting he would lose in a rematch against former President Donald Trump, Democrats worry about the shortage of campaign staff and the insufficient funds raised since the announcement of Biden’s campaign.


However, CNN presents an opposing perspective from those within Biden’s circle who dismiss the idea of him stepping aside. They emphasize that Biden’s inner circle of advisers and the few aides involved in his re-election campaign consider such notions absurd. They affirm that Biden is indeed running for re-election and they are taking preparations seriously.

Jim Messina, former campaign manager for Obama in 2012, is quoted in the article, defending Biden’s team, highlighting their consistent success and the tendency to underestimate them.

Nevertheless, the article counters this view by pointing out the apparent lack of key support. Big donors have not committed firmly, and grassroots fundraising efforts have yielded meager results.

The report cites anonymous senior Democratic advisers who express concerns about the sluggish pace of the campaign. Despite their respect and admiration for Biden’s achievements, they fear that his campaign is not fully capitalizing on the advantage he has while the Republicans engage in their own primary contest.

One senior Democrat remarked that in such an unpredictable election, every possible effort must be made, and this becomes difficult when the candidate is 80 years old and occupied with his day job.

CNN reporter Edward-Isaac Dovere, the author of the article, appeared on the network to discuss the report. During the segment, he emphasized the disagreement within Biden’s inner circle, who have witnessed repeated doubts and criticisms of Biden’s abilities, only for him to emerge victorious in the past. On the other hand, those concerned about Biden’s campaign believe there is insufficient progress, fundraising is lacking, and they worry about the potential return of Trump. These concerns have even fueled speculation that Biden’s heart may not truly be in the race and that he might withdraw.