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Harris Getting Ready To Replace Biden?

This administration is a disaster.

Just as we all suspected, Vice President Kamala Harris was recently asked in Paris how her trip to France has prepared her for the presidency as she was leaving a local shop.

Vice President Harris, who looked visibly shocked by the question, refused to address the question directly then began praising her success during the trip and the strong bond she has built with foreign leaders.

According to Fox, Harris replied, “I will tell you it was a very productive and a good trip.” She then said that the United States has “a lot of follow up to do.”

Kamala added, “As we’ve discussed extensively over the past couple of days, this trip was about of course making clear the long-standing relationship, but also that as we go into a new era for the world that our work will continue. We do it with a sense of optimism, but with a sense of strong conviction that the partnership between the United States and France remains and will continue to be a very strong one.”

At this point everyone including President Biden knows Kamala will soon be taking over. They can’t fool the American people forever.

Watch the video provided by Fox News: