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Top Republican SILENCES Biden

Top Republican SILENCES Biden

Here’s what he had to say.

House Minority leader Kevin McCarthy slammed President Joe Biden and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi for not extending the August 31st deadline to clear U.S troops from Afghanistan. He also stated that the administration has failed to save Americans.

McCarthy stated that the administration failed to counter the border crisis and as a result Illegal immigration rose significantly. He added that Biden failed Americans with his response to the ongoing crisis in Afghanistan stating that he is “knowingly abandoning Americans.”

“Every crisis that has come before this administration they’ve failed,” McCarthy outlined. “Remember, the first crisis was the border, and how was it created? Not by legislation but by executive order. On the moment he was sworn in, he stopped the wall. So, we’re paying people not to build the wall. He gave the option to allow people coming into this country. We have had more than a million people come here illegally already. We have caught people on the terrorist watch list. Fentanyl has increased by more than 300%. So, Americans are dying because of that. We watched the cartels become stronger throughout this border, more wealthy at the same time. And what did this president do? He first yelled at the press to say it wasn’t a crisis. He then ignored it and then passed it off to the vice president, who would not tour it or go to it.”

“Now, we have a crisis in the Middle East, and the president gets asked a question two days before we’re leaving and says I will not answer questions about Afghanistan,” he continued. “He goes before the American public, and every bit of that we can no longer trust. And now we’re finding out that somewhere beforehand. They said they did not need Kabul, that the Taliban could enter it? How many Americans, and where did we ever think that an American president would make a decision knowingly leaving Americans behind? It is disgusting.”