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Democrats Push To Pass Socialist Agenda

Biden and the Democrats need to stop.

Republican Senator Marsha Blackburn has issued a warning to all Americans just ahead of the Democrats spending plan and stated that they “love” lockdowns and along with President Biden are pushing a socialist agenda.

Blackburn stressed that Democrats want to take as much control and they possibly can from the American people, something which many people have been concerned about since Biden took office.

In transcript provided by Fox, Blackburn warned, “They want control. They don’t want grandmas helping to educate young mamas on how to raise babies. They want the federal government to certify people, get them to join a union, have them not show up for work. I mean look at what they have done to restaurants.”

She then added, “Look at what they’ve done to the retail sector. Look at what their policies are already doing and what Build Back Broke is going to bring to other areas, like childcare. It’s amazing to me. It is a socialist agenda. They love the lockdowns. They’re ready to go to work for it.”

Many Republican lawmakers feel like they have their hands tied at the moment especially since Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has given up so much leverage to the likes of Democrat Chuck Schumer and others.