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Biden Confuses and Angers Kentucky Residents

Biden Confuses and Angers Kentucky Residents


Biden has to be joking!

Recently, several parts of the great state of Kentucky was ravaged by tornados and thousands of people were left homeless and desperate for help.

Currently, over 100 people are predicted to have passed away do to the tornados which ripped through Missouri, Kentucky, Arkansas, Tennessee and Illinois. Over 200 miles of Kentucky was affected by tornados and the people need as much help as possible from President Biden.

With the high number of casualties and severe damage done to the state, President Biden needs to help these people more.


So what does he do? Biden is now using his resources to set up covid booster shot tents to make sure that all of these people who have lost their homes, loved ones, and livelihoods get vaccinated.


While Biden runs around trying to push his liberal agenda, true proud Americans are spending their own hard earned money and helping feed and take care of these people.

Look as this generous man steps up to do the job President Biden should be doing: