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Shocking: GOP Contenders Running Against Trump

This is insane!

Former White House official Alyssa Farah shocked the media when she claimed that she believes former Vice President Mike Pence will run against former President Donald Trump for the presidency in 2024!

According to Yahoo, Farah claimed that she believed Mike Pence was “uniquely positioned” in the Republican Party to do so.

“I think he will [run],” Alyssa Farah said.

Farah who was Pence’s press secretary and Trump’s director of strategic communications believes Pence can “tout the record” of Trump’s four years in office “without a lot of the downside.”

What’s even more interesting is that according to CNN, Pence recently increased the size of his team and acquired new office space. He even recruited a Republican fundraiser which are strong signs that he could be seeking to run in 2024.

Farah also believes other such as former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo and Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis could be considering a 2024 presidential run.