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Trump Accuses Fox News Of Sabotage


Fox is playing a risky game.

Former President Donald Trump once had a great relationship with Fox News, however, that has now changed. On Thursday, Trump accused Fox News of deliberately trying to find the polling data that made his odds look worse than they were.

Trump who took to Truth Social to air his grievances said that he was dominating the polls, and yet Fox News appeared to always be able to find the one exception, which is usually a non-credible poll that would just make Trump look worse.

Trump is currently the only significant GOP candidate to have officially launched a 2024 campaign. However, early polls are suggesting that many people are switching their support and are going to be supporting Florida Governor Ron DeSantis if he ends up placing a bid.


Fox anchors have also been particularly positive regarding DeSantis praising him for his extremely successful midterm election campaign.

Last week, Fox reported about a new poll from the University of New Hampshire Survey Center which showed DeSantis having a double-digit lead over Trump. According to the survey’s results, DeSantis had 42 percent of support, while Trump only had 30 percent. Despite this, Fox maintained that Trump remains an extremely influential figure within the party.

They also added that Trump’s midterm results are most likely part of the reason why he is performing so badly in the polls.

On Thursday Trump also attacked the conservative political action committee Club For Growth for working with Fox. The anti-tax organization had once been a big supporter of Trump but that changed following Trump’s midterm election selections.