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WATCH: Kamala’s Stupidity On Full Display

WATCH: Kamala’s Stupidity On Full Display


You won’t believe how idiotic this is.

Most Americans would think that you need to be smart to be the Vice President of the United States. Vice President Kamala Harris is showing us otherwise.

Let’s be honest, everyone even Democrats know that President Biden and V.P. Harris aren’t mentally all there but a new video has just surfaced and it shows just how slow these people really are.

During a recent visit to Brandywine, Maryland, Vice President Kamala Harris attempted to charge an electric vehicle to tout President Biden’s EV Charging Action Plan.


During the performance Harris plugged in the electric vehicle to the charging station and said, “There’s no sound or fume. How do I know this is working?

She then demanded someone to tell her how she can tell if the car is charging.

The video has since gone viral and people across the internet can’t help but laugh at Kamala knowing just how dense she truly is. She could be the president soon folks. This is humiliating.