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Biden Under Investigation?

Biden Under Investigation?


BAD News For Biden.

While currently there isn’t much that can be done to stop President Biden, Republican leaders have big plans heading in 2022 if they are able to take majority in Congress which is a likely scenario.

What’s bad for President Biden is that Republican House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy has him in his sights and is hoping to launch several investigations into him once the GOP takes power.

According to Axios, Rep. McCarthy is planning to launch several probes into President Biden and his administration.


Currently, McCarthy is planning on investigating Biden for at least 7 major issues:

  • The IRS leak of billionaires’ tax information to ProPublica
  • The NSA
  • The withdrawal from Afghanistan
  • Border problems
  • School boards and parents
  • The handling and origins of the COVID pandemic
  • The JEDI contract (a cloud-computing contract)

Biden could come under investigation for all of these major issues if the Republican Party take majority in the 2022 midterm elections.

Biden’s poll numbers are currently in the gutter. If he refuses to step down even with such a poor rating, McCarthy’s investigations could be the final nail in Biden’s presidential coffin.