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Pelosi Left Speechless By Heckler

This must have been humiliating!

Recently, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi traveled to her city of San Francisco to push her newly passed Infrastructure and Jobs Act. During her speech, Speaker Pelosi was caught completely off guard after a heckler shouted something that Pelosi immediately knew the meaning of.

According to Fox, The heckler loudly shouted, “Let’s go, Brandon,” a phrase that Pelosi claims to not know the meaning of. Judging by her immediate reaction it was VERY clear that Pelosi knew exactly what it meant and it’s hilarious! 


How much longer are President Biden, Speaker Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats going to continue to ignore the fact that they are steering a sinking ship? They continue to waste taxpayer dollars are are setting the United States up for complete and total economic failure.

It’s time for President Biden to step down.