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Democrat Plot To Take Down Trump Fails

The truth wins again.

According to CBS News, there is currently no evidence to suggest that former President Donald Trump shared classified information with an Australian billionaire. Special counsel Jack Smith has not filed any charges related to this matter.

According to Newsmax, Catherine Herridge, a CBS News reporter, shared this information on X (formerly Twitter) over the weekend. This update follows CBS News’ previous report, which indicated that other sources claimed Trump had discussed sensitive details about American nuclear submarines with Australian billionaire Anthony Pratt.

Anthony Pratt has been identified as a potential witness in Jack Smith’s case against Trump, as confirmed by sources familiar with the situation. Importantly, Pratt has not faced any accusations of wrongdoing. Trump himself has dismissed these allegations, referring to them as “false and baseless.”

On his social media platform, Trump asserted, “I consistently maintain that we produce the finest submarines and military equipment globally—a well-known fact. These unsubstantiated stories are propagated by corrupt prosecutors attempting to disrupt the 2024 Presidential Election.”