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Biden Extremely Terrified

Biden knows he is failing.

Former President Donald Trump claimed that President Joe Biden’s decision to authorize the construction of the southern border wall in Texas was driven by his fear of impeachment. Trump expressed his belief that Biden should indeed face impeachment.

According to Newsmax, during a rally in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, Trump stated, “He’s doing it because he’s afraid of being impeached.” Trump went on to reflect on his own impeachment experiences, emphasizing that his approval ratings had risen following his two impeachments. However, Trump argued that the key difference with Biden is that he believes Biden deserves impeachment due to his performance in office.

Trump criticized what he perceived as Biden’s manipulation of the justice system and lamented what he described as pervasive corruption in Biden’s America. He recalled his own impeachment related to a phone call, which he deemed “perfect,” wherein he congratulated Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and highlighted corruption concerns. Trump contrasted this with what he sees as Biden’s failure to be impeached despite alleged financial improprieties.

Trump warned Americans that a vote for Biden would result in open borders, the possibility of World War III, significant inflation, and worldwide corruption under Biden’s leadership. He criticized the abandonment of wall materials worth $500 million, which he claimed were left to rust on the desert floor while illegal immigrants freely crossed over them. He urged the audience to consider their preferences and decide whether they wanted a president who would secure the border, halt the influx of migrants, and prioritize national sovereignty from day one. Trump concluded by summarizing what he viewed as Biden’s three major problems: inflation, immigration, and incompetence—all starting with the letter “I.”