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VIDEO: Biden Parties As Americans Taken Hostage


Is this something a real president would do?

President Joe Biden shockingly hosted a BBQ at the White House on Sunday amidst the ongoing unrest in Israel, which sadly resulted in the loss of American lives.

According to Newsmax, a reporter in the press pool noticed live music emanating from the White House lawn while demonstrators supporting Palestine protested outside the gates.

A spokesperson clarified that President Biden and his wife were extending their hospitality to the White House Executive Residence staff and their families, as reported by

Critics swiftly voiced their disapproval of the president’s decision to hold the event.

“While facing a grave situation abroad, Joe Biden is enjoying an outdoor gathering with live music,” remarked Senator Josh Hawley, R-Mo., on the social media platform X.

Former Republican National Committee member Steve Guest responded to Hawley’s remark.

“As the saying goes, ‘Nero fiddled while Rome burned,'” Guest commented.

“Joe Biden is LITERALLY attending an outdoor gathering with live music while Israel grapples with the consequences of recent attacks by militant groups.”

“History appears to be repeating itself.”

Tragically, there have been numerous casualties on both sides of the conflict, with approximately 700 people killed in Israel and nearly 500 in Gaza since the violence began.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken, along with Israeli officials, have expressed concerns that American citizens may have been affected by the ongoing turmoil caused by these militant groups.

“At least FOUR Americans are presumed to have lost their lives in Israel, and Joe Biden seems occupied with festivities at the White House. It’s deeply concerning,” shared conservative strategist Joey Mannarino on X.

“Given the recent events, especially the news of potential American hostages in Gaza, I believe I would have canceled the White House gathering with the live band,” opined former Rep. Scott Taylor, R-Va., on X.

“There are reports of American citizens being held captive by militant groups, and Joe Biden is currently hosting an outdoor gathering at the White House,” commented conservative commentator CJ Pearson on X.

“The argument for taking impeachment actions couldn’t be more compelling.”