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Biden Makes A Complete Fool Of Himself On Camera

Biden Makes A Complete Fool Of Himself On Camera


Can’t you believe this man is the president?

After a long day of trashing the United States and even calling Americans racist and morally depraved, President Joe Biden turned his focus to politicians who refuse to wear masks and made a complete fool of himself.

During his long winded speech, Biden strangely told people to “kiss my ear.”

We’re not really sure who he was talking to when he said that, however many Conservatives pointed out that this is another sign of Biden’s dementia getting worse.

According to the Gateway Pundit, while bashing his political colleagues and warning of a variant strain of COVID-19 coming from the UK and South Africa, Biden stated “One Congressman pointed out, he used very colorful term to say, ‘wearing a mask, I tell them to kiss my ear, I’m not going to wear a mask.’ Well, guess what, not very American. The fact is, you want to be patriotic, you’re gonna protect people,” Biden said.

Very confusing.

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