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Hillary Clinton Sides With The GOP

Far-left Democrats are fuming!

Former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton strongly criticized those overlooking allegations of sex crimes committed by Hamas against women amid the Israel conflict. Speaking via video at a United Nations meeting on Monday, Clinton labeled the actions as “crimes against humanity” with “no justifications and no excuses.”

During her address, Clinton emphasized the imperative for the global community to condemn weaponized sexual violence unequivocally. She underscored that sexual violence used as a weapon of war is a severe crime against humanity that demands a collective response.

Clinton expressed dismay that some organizations, governments, and individuals claiming to stand for justice are turning a blind eye to the victims of Hamas. She asserted that such atrocities have no place in any society or conflict.

Furthermore, Clinton highlighted the vital role women play in conflict resolution, emphasizing that they are not merely victims but also agents of peace.

These remarks followed Congressional Progressive Democrat Caucus Chairwoman Pramila Jayapal’s attempt to draw an equivalence between sex crimes by Hamas and Israel’s military response. Clinton’s comments also came after Jayapal’s controversial stance was widely condemned, with some House colleagues emphasizing the need for unequivocal condemnation of sexual violence against Israeli women.