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Pelosi Puts Americans At Risk

Tensions are escalated.

There has been a lot of speculation about whether or not House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is going to visit Taiwan against the wishes of Communist China.

Now a new report from CNN is claiming that Speaker Pelosi will visit indeed travel to Taiwan which is without a doubt going to raise tensions with China.

According to Newsmax, two unnamed sources which were a senior government official from Taiwan and a U.S. official claimed that Pelosi’s plan to make a quick stop in Taiwan is going to happen even though President Biden has aggressively asked her not to.

The Taiwanese official also claimed that Pelosi is expected to spend the night in Taiwan however it is not clear when she will land and when she will depart.

As a result of these new developments Department of Defense officials are now working around the clock to monitor Chinese movements in the area to keep Speaker Pelosi safe.

The United States is also moving aircraft carriers, large planes and other military equipment around to create a buffer zone for Pelosi’s visit. It was reported that the U.S. military advised Pelosi against going to Taiwan like President Biden however they are preparing nonetheless for her to visit.

Coordinator for strategic communications at the National Security Council John Kirby did not offer his opinion on Pelosi’s decision but said, “I’m not going to talk about security requirements. We want to make sure that when she travels overseas she can do so safely and securely, and we’re going to make sure of that.”