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VIDEO: Biden Forgets He’s President


Biden’s health is getting worse and worse.

During the White House’s Stanley Cup celebration on Monday, President Biden referred to Vice President Kamala Harris as “President Harris.” Biden, who is 80 years old, took the stage to honor the Las Vegas Golden Knights, the Stanley Cup champions from June, and stated, “President Harris is here to make sure we do this the right way.

According to Fox, this was not the first time Biden has accidentally referred to Harris as the “president.” In fact, it has occurred on at least six prior occasions. One instance took place in October 2022 when Biden wished Harris a happy birthday during a White House event, saying, “Happy Birthday to a great president; we know your mom is always with you.”

The slip of the tongue also occurred in December 2021 during remarks in South Carolina and earlier that same year in January. In March 2022, Biden even mistakenly called Harris the “first lady” while speaking with reporters.

It’s worth noting that President Biden, who will turn 81 on November 20, holds the distinction of being the oldest person to ever serve as President. If he were to be reelected for a second term, he would assume the presidency at the age of 82 and complete his term at the age of 86.

Vice President Harris, who is 59, has frequently defended President Biden against concerns about his age, even from within their own party. In a recent interview with “60 Minutes,” she emphasized, “Joe Biden is very much alive and running for re-election.”