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Kamala Causes Chaos For Biden

Kamala Causes Chaos For Biden

This is getting bad.

If President Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris didn’t think the labor shortage issue in America was a serious problem they should look around the White House because another person just quit!

It is now being reported that Vice President Kamala Harris’ senior advisor and chief spokesperson, Symone Sanders, is expected to resign by the end of the year.

According to Axios, Vice President Harris has dealt with massive criticism since coming into office and it has now become a clear indication to the Democratic Party that she is not a good fit to be the party’s preferred nominee for 2024.

What’s worse for Kamala Harris is that Symone Sanders was one of the central staffers for her and someone who Kamala was very close to and depended on heavily.

The Vice President’s Communications Director Ashley Etienne also recently resigned indicating a serious problem within the White House.

Etienne used to work for some very important Democrat figures such as Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama without any problems but she simply could not work for Kamala Harris.