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Trump Makes Shocking Confession

Could this actually be true?

Former President Donald Trump shocked America during a recent interview with ‘Fox & Friends’ where he confessed that President Biden and his administration “knowingly” destroyed the United States and now Americans completely distrust him.

According to Fox, Trump fired back at Biden with the shocking confession after Biden accused Trump of being responsible for letting Americans die from COVID-19 during his presidency and should have been removed from office.

Trump then noted that Americans completely distrust Biden and he and his administration failed at “selling” the vaccine to the public.

“Some people don’t want to take them and that’s their freedom and that’s what we have to do. But, people don’t want to take them because they don’t trust Biden they don’t trust the administration,” Trump stated.

Trump then doubled down on Biden’s bad leadership and said that if he was president there would have NEVER been a supply chain crisis. “It would have never happened. Nobody would have ever mentioned those words. Supply chains,” Trump stressed.

Trump also noted that if Biden had come into the presidency and not done anything at all then America would have been better off. “If Joe Biden would have just come in and gone to the beach he would have been successful in many ways,” Trump said.