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Biden Hits Rock Bottom

It’s only a matter of time now.

Even with the full support of the mainstream media, President Biden has hit a new low in his approval rating and Democrats are on the verge of doing irreparable damage to their own party and the United States with President Biden in charge.

According to the Daily Caller, President Biden’s approval rating fell to an eyebrow raising 36.3%. Not only that but Biden’s presidency is going so poorly that over half the people who were polled “strongly disapproved” of Biden.

The poll from the Trafalgar Group also learned that only 18.1% of respondents “strongly approve” of sleepy Joe and another 18.2% only “approve” of him.

Furthermore, 52.2% of registered voters said they “strongly disapprove” of Biden which brought his overall disapproval rating to 59.1%.

Democrats should be panicking right now heading into 2022. While it is unclear, it appears that Speaker Pelosi won’t be seeking re-election as Speaker of the House in 2022 if Dems maintain majority in the House. Maybe she wants to jump ship because she already knows the Democrats are about to get clobbered.