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Key Witness Bails On Jan 6th Hearing


This has raised eyebrows.

It has now been learned that Former President Donald Trump’s campaign manager Bill Stepien has refused to appear before the January 6th Select Committee.

According to The Hill, Stepien’s decision to not appear has resulted in a key witness being lost on the panel which prevents the Jan 6 Committee from showing that they claim that the Trump campaign pushed “baseless claims of election fraud.”

During the hearings, the Committee stated, “Due to a family emergency, Mr. William Stepien is unable to testify before the Select Committee this morning. His counsel will appear and make a statement on the record.”


Furthermore, it appears the Stepien’s wife is in labor making him unable to appear before the court.

Stepien’s decision not to appear in court was a major loss for the Jan 6 Committee because they were hoping to prove that Trump knowingly committed illegal acts to interfere with the election.

This Jan 6 Committee has been working overtime to ensure that former President Donald Trump cannot run again in 2024 and they appears to be willing to do anything to guarantee that.

A committee aide went as far as telling reporters, “Tomorrow’s hearing is focused on the big lie: the decision by the former president to ignore the will of the voters, declare victory in an election he lost, spread claims of fraud and then decide to ignore the rulings of courts when the judgment of course didn’t go his way.”