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Michelle Obama Jumps In To 2022 Elections

Michelle Obama Jumps In To 2022 Elections


The Obama’s need to stay out of politics.

As we get closer to the 2022 midterm elections, it is clear that while Democrats currently hold the majority in both the House and Senate, it is a small one. Democrats currently hold a very thin majority in the House and with moderates like Sens. Manchin and Sinema their majority is even smaller.

Now, Former First Lady Michelle Obama is doing everything in her power to make stop the Republicans from the landslide victory in the midterms by using her voting rights group When We All Vote to sign up a million voters just before the midterm elections.

According to Yahoo, Michelle Obama wrote a letter which ran as an ad in the New York Times. In the letter Obama also explained that she is working to secure and train “100,000 volunteers” to help recruit and register thousands of lawyers to “protect voters” in states where “the freedom to vote is threatened.”


In Obama’s letter she said, “Generations of Americans have persevered through poll taxes, literacy tests, and laws designed to strip away their power — and they’ve done it by organizing, by protesting, and most importantly, by overcoming the barriers in front of them in order to vote. And now, we’ve got to do the same.”

The letter added, “We must give Congress no choice but to act decisively to protect the right to vote and make the ballot box more accessible for everyone.”

Obama also referenced that January 6th Capitol protest and said, “One year ago, we witnessed an unprecedented assault on our Capitol and our democracy.”

“From Georgia and Florida to Iowa and Texas, states passed laws designed to make it harder for Americans to vote. And in other state legislatures across the nation, lawmakers have attempted to do the same.”