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Pelosi’s SECRET Letter Leaked

Pelosi’s SECRET Letter Leaked

This is absolutely outrageous.

From the moment President Biden has stepped into office, He along with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer have been driving America into the ground with ridiculous policies and regulations.

The economy is hanging on by a thread and inflation has ravaged low to middle-class households across America. They know they are doomed heading into 2022 and now House Speaker Pelosi is doing damage control by attacking the GOP in a very dirty manner.

In a letter which was recently obtained by Politico, The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee (DCCC) sent out a memo produced by House Democrats which attempted to paint House Republicans as “reckless and dangerous vision for America” they also claimed that they were “unserious, cynical, and dangerous their return to power would be.”

Pelosi and the House Democrats are trying to falsely smear the Republicans to sabotage their chances in 2022.

“The stakes are clear – House Republicans are too dangerous for American families,” the memo obtained by Politico said. “The moment Washington Republicans felt their grip on power loosen, they unleashed a full assault on American democracy, culminating in a murderous assault on the Capitol and the introduction of anti-voter legislation across the country.”

They know 2022 is quickly approaching and they know the American people are furious.