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Washington D.C. Under Attack


Molotov cocktails and strange white powder has caused a big scare!

On Monday, a concerning incident led to the temporary evacuation of the White House when a suspicious package containing a white powder was discovered on the premises. Tests confirmed that the powder contained cocaine hydrochloride, an illicit and highly addictive substance.

According to BNN, the U.S. Secret Service, responsible for the security of the president and the White House, issued a statement explaining that an “unknown item” was found on the complex, prompting precautionary measures and the evacuation of the White House grounds. The DC Fire Department’s Hazmat team was called in to respond to the situation.

Details regarding the specific location of the item or the identity of the individual responsible were not provided in the statement. Nor did it disclose the quantity of cocaine detected or whether it posed any direct threat to the president or his staff.

The evacuation affected various areas surrounding the White House, including the Ellipse, Lafayette Park, 17th Street, and Pennsylvania Avenue. Consequently, traffic disruptions and delays occurred in the downtown area due to road closures.

Eyewitnesses reported seeing hazmat crews entering the gate of the West Wing, which houses the president’s office and residence. It remains uncertain whether the president was present in the building at the time or if he was informed about the incident.


The West Wing is recognized as one of the most secure sections of the White House, equipped with multiple layers of security and screening. It is also where sensitive and classified information is handled, along with crucial meetings.

This incident raises concerns about how a potentially dangerous substance managed to breach the White House grounds and whether it was part of a deliberate effort to harm or intimidate the president and his staff.

Additionally according to The Hill, authorities in Washington, D.C., reported a series of attacks on local businesses the previous day. Three establishments were targeted with explosive devices and a Molotov cocktail within a 15-minute timeframe in the city’s Northeast section.

According to the Metropolitan Police Department (MPD), the suspect detonated an explosive device on the sidewalk outside a Truist Bank ATM, causing damage. Within six minutes, another explosive device was detonated in front of the doors at the Nike Store, also resulting in damage. Approximately nine minutes later, the suspect threw a Molotov cocktail-style object at the Safeway store, causing further damage.

In all instances, the suspect swiftly fled the scenes in a gold/champagne Acura TL with a Maryland license plate. MPD clarified that the suspect appeared to target commercial establishments and not members of the public, as the incidents occurred when the establishments were closed. Fortunately, no injuries were reported in relation to these incidents.