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Democrats Humiliated After Immigration Bombshell


This backfired.

Democrats and the mainstream media have been working tirelessly to convince the American people that Governors Greg Abbott and Ron DeSantis are monsters for transporting illegals to Democrat states.

The media, including Biden and Pelosi, have been slandering both DeSantis and Abbott for this and are indirectly trying to convince America that illegals must remain in Republican states only.

Now, according to Fox it has been learned that a majority of Americans support Abbott and DeSantis’ decision to spread migrants across America.


A new CBS/YouGov survey has found that 51% registered voters approve of the decision to send illegal immigrants to Democratic cities. 49% of Americans disapprove.

What’s even worse for Biden, Pelosi, Democrats and the liberal media is that a whopping 88% of Americans believe it is an effective way to bring attention to the issue of illegal immigration. 

Texas Governor Greg Abbott is the most affected by this immigration problem. Thankfully, it appears that Abbott has no intentions of stopping his decision to send illegals to blue states. Hopefully this will help fix the border crisis.