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Kamala’s Plan To Destroy The 2nd Amendment


Kamala hasn’t accomplished anything meaningful since becoming V.P. and now she wants to do this?

Vice President Kamala Harris spearheaded a White House gathering of state legislators on Wednesday to outline a fresh set of gun violence prevention measures introduced by the Biden administration.

Earlier this year, President Joe Biden established the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention. The latest announcement revealed the “Safer States Initiative” and introduced two new executive actions. Harris commenced her address by honoring Josh Seal, a victim of the Lewiston, Maine, mass shootings, recognizing his contributions as an American Sign Language interpreter. She praised his family’s strong commitment to public service.

Harris empathized with the legislators, acknowledging their personal connections to communities affected by gun violence. She emphasized the individual sacrifices made by those who have chosen a path of public service.


While Biden and Harris have repeatedly urged Congress to enact stricter gun regulations, they turned to state governments on Wednesday to address the void left by congressional inaction. Harris discouraged accepting a “false choice” between supporting the Second Amendment and advocating for gun control measures, expressing her personal support for both.

Despite earlier criticism, Harris has taken a more assertive role in recent months, becoming a leading administration advocate for gun violence prevention and abortion rights. Democratic strategists believe that linking Harris to these issues could positively shape her image with voters as she navigates the 2024 election cycle and potentially pursues another White House bid.

The first executive action unveiled on Wednesday offers states a model for “safe storage” legislation, regulating the proper storage of firearms. The second action provides a framework for reporting lost or stolen firearms. The Safer States Initiative encourages states to establish their own gun violence prevention offices and invest in programs aligned with Biden’s federal plan.

Stefanie Feldman, Director of the White House Office of Gun Violence Prevention, emphasized the collaborative approach between the federal government and states in advancing these policies, recognizing the ongoing efforts to spur action at the federal level while concurrently working with states.