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GOP Makes Biden’s Son Cry

The GOP is giving the Biden family just a taste of what Democrats did to Trump and they can’t handle it.

President Biden’s son Hunter openly criticized House Republicans on Wednesday, accusing them of shamelessly pursuing relentless investigations against him. Instead of complying with the scheduled deposition following a subpoena from House Republicans, the president’s son chose to make a public statement outside the Capitol, diverging from investigators’ preference for a closed-door session.

Hunter reiterated his frustration with the repeated claims, stating, “No matter how many times it is debunked, they continue to insist that my father’s support of Ukraine against Russia is the result of a nonexistent bribe.” He pointedly mentioned the intrusion into his personal life, referring to the explicit photos displayed during a House Oversight Committee hearing orchestrated by Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene in July.

Taking aim at specific figures, including House Oversight Committee Chair James Comer, House Judiciary Committee Chair Jim Jordan, and House Ways and Means Committee Chair Jason Smith, Hunter accused them of distorting facts and spreading falsehoods about his personal and professional life. Dismissing allegations related to financial irresponsibility during his addiction, Hunter rejected the notion that such claims could serve as grounds for an impeachment inquiry, deeming it “beyond the absurd” and “shameless.”

In a broader context, Hunter Biden criticized certain Republican members of Congress, such as Greene, characterizing them as “sad” and “sick people.” He suggested that their actions may stem from personal traumas, turned into a malevolent force unleashed on the world. As House Republicans prepare for a formal authorization of their impeachment inquiry through a House vote, Hunter Biden’s public statements underscore his defiance against what he views as unfounded attacks on his character and family.