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Judge Jeanine SCREWS Over Trump

Controversy is swirling.

Following the 2020 presidential election, former President Trump claimed that the election was stolen and assigned former New York City police chief Bernard Kerik and Rudy Giuliani to investigate and look for evidence of election fraud.

During their investigation, Kerik and Giuliani were paying out thousands of dollars for travel and hotel rooms out of their own pockets which former President Trump’s campaign was not allowed to pay for.

Now, the liberal mainstream media including the Washington Post is claiming that Fox News host Judge Jeanine Pirro went on Fox and used her power in the media to persuade Trump’s campaign to pay Kerik and Giuliani for the investigation using campaign finances costing more than $225,000.

They are also claiming that the Trump campaign’s payment funded a “command center” at the Willard hotel in Washington which was an attempt to deny Biden the presidency and lead up to the January 6th Capitol protest.

Now the liberal media and Democrats are suggesting that the Trump campaign’s funding of this, which was promoted by Fox’s Judge Jeanine, violated many laws and can be the final nail in the coffin for Trump and is going to give the January 6 congressional committee what they need to stop Trump in 2024.

Jeanine Pirro has denied that she intervened on Kerik and Giuliani’s behalf. 

Former prosecutor Richard Ben-Veniste claims, the use of campaign funds “further undermines a wildly broad assertion of executive privilege.… Executive privilege is typically limited to the protection of communications involving a president’s official duties—not to those relating to personal or political campaign matters.”