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Washington D.C. Goes Into Lockdown

How is anyone still a Democrat?

If you ever needed proof that Democrats are pure hypocrites then you’re in the right place. Washington D.C.’s Mayor Muriel Bowser has just activated the National Guard after she said that the region is at a “tipping point” trying to deal with illegals immigrants who were brought there via busses.

According to Breitbart, Bowser explained, “We are very focused and we continue to be very focused on having the federal government do its part and take the lead in addressing what we see as a growing humanitarian crisis. … We’re going to continue to pursue federal involvement.”

Bowser then said, “We need space and we need the federal government to be involved so I’ve asked for the deployment of the Guard as long as we need the Guard to deal with the humanitarian crisis that we expect to escalate.”

There is currently around 4,000 border crossers who are currently in Washington D.C., these illegals were sent there by Texas Governor Greg Abbott who was trying to show Democrat leaders what it’s like to deal with this many illegals.

What’s worse is that only 4,000 illegals have been sent to D.C. and states like Texas and Arizona are dealing with hundred of thousands of illegals.