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Trump Hits The Jackpot, Democrats Speechless


Trump wins again!

The group associated with former President Donald Trump has amassed a total exceeding $9.4 million subsequent to the moment his booking photo was captured last week in Fulton County, Georgia.

According to the Washington Examiner, the Trump campaign managed to generate a sum surpassing $20 million during the month of August, with almost fifty percent of that total pouring in subsequent to the formal processing of the former president, as outlined in a report.

A considerable amount of revenue, tallying at least $1.7 million, was garnered through the sale of approximately 36,000 T-shirts by the Trump team.


Moreover, the sale of over 24,000 coffee mugs resulted in an earning of $864,000, while 8,600 posters brought in $352,000, as indicated by the report.

The proceeds accrued from the merchandise featuring the mug shot are designated explicitly for allocation towards Trump’s campaign endeavors, with no intention of being utilized for his legal expenses, the report confirms.

Officials in Fulton County maintained that it was imperative for the 45th president to undergo the process of having his image captured.

Expressing his sentiments, Trump conveyed his lack of satisfaction with the encounter, deeming it an “unpleasant sensation — particularly when unjustly accused,” he remarked.