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Trump Leaves Democrats Shaking In Their Boots

Democrats are in BIG trouble if Trump wins in 2024.

Former President Donald Trump has attributed the indictments he’s currently facing to President Joe Biden, implying that if he were to win another presidential term, he will likely feel compelled to incarcerate political rivals due to the perceived precedent. In a recent conversation with radio host Glenn Beck, Trump expressed his evolving perspective on presidential conduct and power dynamics.

According to Newsmax, Trump conveyed his deep respect for the presidential office and its significance during his interview with Glenn Beck. He acknowledged that he refrained from intensely criticizing President Joe Biden as he could have, out of a sense of reverence for the institution of the presidency. However, Trump’s attitude changed upon learning about alleged attempts to indict him, which he attributed to Biden’s influence.

Beck posed a question about Trump’s previous stance on his opponent Hillary Clinton and the “lock her up” chants during the 2016 election campaign. He pointed out that Trump had later emphasized that such actions weren’t in line with American values. Beck questioned whether, if re-elected, Trump would consider imprisoning individuals.

In response, Trump expressed skepticism about President Biden’s acumen, suggesting that while Biden might not possess the cognitive sharpness to personally orchestrate such actions, he could have been involved indirectly. Trump noted his surprise at these developments considering his perception of Biden’s mental state.

Trump further alleged that Biden had strategically positioned his associates within legal offices, such as the Manhattan District Attorney’s office and the Fulton County, Georgia prosecutor’s office. According to Trump, these officials were coordinating efforts to indict him. Trump also accused certain legal actions against him of being motivated and funded by the Democratic Party, portraying them as part of a larger political agenda.

In essence, Trump’s remarks during the interview highlighted his shifting views on the appropriate exercise of presidential authority, particularly concerning legal matters involving political opponents. He attributed his own legal challenges to President Biden’s supposed influence and alleged coordination within legal circles, framing these developments as politically motivated actions by his adversaries.