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VIDEO: Pelosi Bans Trump


Can Pelosi just retire already?

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi once again senselessly began attacking former President Donald Trump and this time urged the American people to not let him run for the White House because he would be “bad news for the country.”

Pelosi went on to say Trump has not been a “force for good” ever since he entered politics.

According to The Hill, Pelosi’s comments came during an interview with ABC’s George Stephanopoulos.


Pelosi smeared Trump and stated, “I think it’s bad news for the country, let’s put it that way. Because this is a person who has undermined the integrity of our elections, has not honored his oath of office, who has encouraged people, strange kind of people to run for office, who do not share the values of our democracy. They’ve said it very clearly in their statements.”

Pelosi added, “So he’s not been a force for good. So, I don’t think his candidacy is a force for good for our country.”

Pelosi then targeted Republican in general and said, “Republicans do not support science, so they disregard what we’re saying about climate. They don’t support governance, so they don’t want to honor what science tells us in terms of the planet, in terms of – of health care and the rest. So, we have some very big differences.“