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VIDEO: Trump Hater Booted From CPAC


Justice was served!

A heckler was removed from the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) during a speech by former president Donald Trump on Saturday evening.

According to reports the heckler was loudly playing music and being critical of Trump during the speech given at the Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in National Harbor, Maryland. The clip of the heckler being removed from the premises was shared by conservative activist Danny De Urbina.

Trump’s supporters could also be heard supporting the person’s removal from the crowd with many in the crowd booing during the removal. Following that, chants of “USA, USA” broke out from the crowd with many attendees holding up signs in support of the former president.


News Nation videographer Jordan Clifford also showed a video of the heckler being removed from the premises. He captioned the video with an explanation of the incident, writing “A heckler interrupted Trump’s CPAC speech blasting the song ‘f*** Donald Trump’ from speakers so loud it was audible on the former president’s microphone. Police have escorted him off the premises.”

Both clips were uploaded on March 4th to Twitter, and have since their posting amassed a collective 111,000 views.

Trump’s speech during the event focused on how he successfully defeated Hillary Clinton in 2016, also attacking both his Democratic opposition, President Biden, and some of his GOP potential rivals, including Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. This was one of the few times when Trump did not outright name DeSantis during his speech. He further spoke about the importance of border Security.