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Kamala Flips Out On Reporter After Debate

Kamala Flips Out On Reporter After Debate


Don’t let the mainstream media lie to you about this, Democrats want them to cover this up!

Last nights presidential debate was a complete disaster for the Democrats.

President Trump easily outwitted Biden and exposed a major flaw in his policy which will undoubtedly hurt him in the voting booths.

Joe Biden fully plans on killing the oil industry which will leave countless Americans broke and without a job.

Biden’s campaign is trying to flip the narrative and is saying that Biden really meant to say he wanted to put an end to subsidies for fossil fuels. LIES.

Now, according to the Gateway Pundit, Kamala Harris landed in Atlanta, Georgia, where a reporter asked about Biden’s plan to kill the oil industry.

Let me be clear, Joe Biden is not going to ban fracking!” Kamala Harris responded.

President Trump isn’t letting the Biden campaign continue to lie about this.

Just after last nights Debate Trump’s campaign shared a video compilation of Biden vowing to end fossil fuel.

Will Biden Kill The U.S. Oil Industry?