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SIN: Democrat Trashes Governor For Supporting Churchgoers

SIN: Democrat Trashes Governor For Supporting Churchgoers


This is such a shame.

Texas Democrat Rep. Lloyd Doggett trashed Governor Greg Abbott (R-TX) for retweeting a video of a Texas church hold religious services amid the COVID-19 pandemic a few days before Christmas.

Governor Abbott retweeted the video above with the caption, “Who said Austin is locked down? Christmas is being celebrated in Austin and in Texas. Everyone already knows the safe things to do.”

According to Breitbart, Rep. Doggett took issue with people attending church services and stated, “I live on a street that has two churches, two or three more are within shouting distance of my house here in east Austin. They are all closed. I thought last night — or tonight, as they have normally Christmas Eve services, they’ve shown that good judgment. Our problem in Texas, frankly, is that we have, unfortunately, a Governor in Greg Abbott who, all along, has been more interested in pleasing President Trump than in protecting the health of Texans. And as a result of that, we have about 26,000 Texans that are not alive today. We will have more of those individuals die. I applaud those who want to share, as I do, their faith here at the Christmas time, but they are leading to the death of other people, both inside and outside their congregations.

It seems like the only gatherings Democrats have issue with are those being held in churches.

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