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Democrats Punish Veterans


When will this madness end?

Former Hawaii Representative Tulsi Gabbard strongly criticized Democrats for what she perceives as a significant letdown of the men and women serving in the United States military.

According to the Washington Examiner, Tulsi Gabbard, a former Hawaii Representative with over 20 years of military service, expressed her pride in continuing to serve the country as a soldier. However, she voiced her dissatisfaction with the healthcare provided to servicemen and servicewomen.

Gabbard passionately criticized the lack of concern shown by politicians and leaders towards the well-being of military personnel and veterans. She argued that they have exploited them as expendable pawns to benefit the military-industrial complex.

Gabbard emphasized that military personnel often become mere numbers and statistics, overlooked for the sake of sustaining a profitable war machine and the business interests of the military-industrial complex. She asserted that this system prioritizes financial gain over the well-being of those who serve.


In response to the story of Army veteran Sgt. Joe Cantasano, who used TikTok to express his challenges in receiving adequate care, Gabbard reacted with frustration. She empathized with his situation, acknowledging the daunting prospect of having to start over with a new doctor and endure the arduous process of recounting his entire medical history. Gabbard stressed the importance of having consistent and uninterrupted healthcare for veterans like Cantasano.

Gabbard highlighted the significance of the Choice Act of 2014, stating that it was enacted with the intention of prioritizing the provision of medical care to veterans. This legislation aimed to expand healthcare options for veterans by allowing them to seek medical services from non-VA healthcare entities.

Gabbard expressed her frustration with how the VA (Department of Veterans Affairs) has handled the implementation of the Choice Act. She highlighted the bureaucratic hurdles that veterans like Cantasano face when trying to access private care providers. Gabbard echoed Cantasano’s experience, where obtaining pre-approval for private care is often rejected, resulting in a cumbersome and inefficient system. She criticized the VA for failing to fulfill the clear and straightforward mandate of providing veterans with the best possible care through expanded choices.

Gabbard further stated that the insufficient care provided to veterans was among the reasons that led her to announce her departure from the Democratic Party in October of the previous year. The neglect of veterans’ needs and well-being played a significant role in her decision to distance herself from the party.