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McConnell Ditches The GOP


Is McConnell about to lose his power in the GOP?

Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell has reigned over congress for several years. Now it’s beginning to look like he is picking fights with a number of top Republicans and they could soon push him out of his leadership position faster than we think.

Firstly, McConnell has pushed back against Republican Senator Lindsey Graham and said that he refuses to commit to his new 15-week abortion ban bill and will not give him support if the GOP wins back the Senate after the midterms.

This sparked major backlash from other Republicans who favored Graham’s abortion ban bill. Not only that but Republican Heavyweight and former Vice President Mike Pence called out McConnell and said that “whoever” is going to be the next GOP nominee for president will support a federal abortion ban no matter what.

“And I have every confidence that the next Republican president, whoever that may be, will stand for the right to life,” Pence told RealClearPolitics.


Next, McConnell has been feuding with Republican Senator Rick Scott over how the GOP wants to handle a year-end spending deal. McConnell is fighting with GOP Senators Rick Scott, Ted Cruz, and Mike Lee about this issue and they aren’t happy.

The three senators wrote, “It’s time for Republicans to stand united and demand that Congress pass a clean continuing resolution [CR] that simply maintains current federal spending levels — and not a penny more — until a new Congress begins.”

McConnell secretly believes that Scott is gunning for his leadership role and wants to replace him as the new Senate Majority Leader if they are able to retake the Senate.

Scott also bashed McConnell for calling Trump-endorsed candidates low quality and responded by saying “Republicans trash-talking our Republican candidates are committing amazing acts of cowardice and being treasonous to the conservative cause.”

What’s worse is that former President Donald Trump does not like Mitch McConnell. Trump including a number of Republicans believe that McConnell lacks a spine when it comes to standing up to Democrats. Don’t be surprised if the GOP decides to ouster McConnell in the near future.